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RIOTS_95: A Matlab toolbox for solving optimal control problems is now available for your PC running Windows3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT![RIOTS_95 for MATLAB V5.0! (Sept. 25, 1997) ; RIOTS_95 for MATLAB V5.1! (Feb. 2, 1998) ]

RIOTS_95 can also be downloaded from our mirror sites: (User's Manual, PhD Thesis, Mailing-list, demo disks...)
site 1 : http://schwartz-home.com/RIOTS. (US, Official)
site 2 : http://cicserver.ee.nus.edu.sg/~ilc/riots/index.html; (Singapore)
site 3 : http://www.crosswinds.net/singapore/~yqchen/riots (US)

Check out this description of RIOTS or download the complete RIOTS manual (181,512 Bytes;97 pages A4 paper) . To save trees, you may want to download this 2in1 manual (185,276Bytes; 49 pages A4 paper) which puts 2 A4 pages into 1 A4 page. This is done under Win95 using pstops (33,427 Bytes). Use it to save trees!

Available - PDF (portable document format) version of the manual ( manual.pdf [372,769 bytes] and manual2in1.pdf [347,775 bytes] ). ( - 16/03/1998.) Use Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view it. 

Easy to install and run RIOTS_95 demo:

You are invited to download this self-extractable RIOTS_95 Demo Disk for Matlab V5.0
If you are using Matlab V5.1, download this. (605,453 bytes) 
Your comments and suggestions, please!

Please download this self-extractable RIOTS_95 Demo Disk for Matlab V4.2c.
If you are using Matlab V4.0, please download this self-extractable RIOTS_95 Demo Disk

Note: To run RIOTS_95 demos, you should have a Spline Toolbox Version 1.1a 25-Nov-93. If you are using Matlab V4.0, you need to download 'legend.tar' and put 'legend.m' in x:/matlab/toolbox/matlab/plotxy. 

To get started, double click on the self-extracting file and read "readme.txt".

The RIOTS_95 demo can be run as-is. To obtain a version of RIOTS_95 that can be used to solve your own optimal control problem, please read "license.doc" that comes with the demo disk. RIOTS_95 can be used with or without a C compiler (see Section 8 of the RIOTS_95 user's manual). Currently, only the Watcom C/C++ compiler is supported.

Please read RIOTS_95 Limitations and problem solving hints.

If you have problem in downloading, please contact the author Dr Adam L. Schwartz (adam@schwartz-home.com) or Dr Yangquan Chen (yqchen@ieee.org) personally.

If you want to learn about the theory underlying RIOTS_95, you're welcome to download the PhD dissertation (285 pages; 678,834 bytes) that led to the creation of RIOTS_95. But, beware, it is heavy duty stuff! Again, if you like, download the "2in1" version(143 pages; 690,487 bytes) to save trees

Available - PDF (portable document format) version of the thesis ( thesis.pdf [1,380,314 bytes] and thesis2in1.pdf [1,267,161 bytes] ). ( - 16/03/1998.) Use GSView 2.5 as an alternative to view it. The PDF files presented are generated by GSView 2.5+Alladdin Ghostscript 5.10 via "pdfwrite". 

If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to drop me an e-mail

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